Japanese Unique Crossover Instrumental Band Top 10

You should listen to Japanese crossover instrumental songs!

Crossover is a Japanese specialty

Japan doesn’t have any roots:Rock, Jazz, Hiphop, etc…. So Japanese must have imitated and studied them. To contribute to develop popular music, they have mixed plural music genres into their music.

You should listen to unique instrumental music, which Japanese created.


JYOCHO is a math-rock band, which came from Kyoto. Japanese technical guitarist, Daijiro made the band in 2016. Flute player belongs to JYOCHO, so they have unique sounds. “sugoi kawaii” is a math-rock song with celtic music vibe.


Japanese didgeridoo player, GOMA made this band. Didgeridoo is a instruments played by Australian Aborigines. This unique sounds meets three rhythm sections. Many music roots
melts into their dance music.


Japanese celtic band, Tricolor has colorful sounds. They invited many folk instruments players in this song: Irish flute,Fiddle,Mandolin ,Nyckelharpa, Whistle. They do not have racial roots in Celt, so they can do it. It’s a folk new music, and they get across the border.


Nabowa is a mixture band in Kyoto. They have adopted many genre with violin. “Yuragu Sakana” has style of folktronica. It means electronica played by acoustic instruments.

And this song, “nice parade”has another style. It’s like a song for festival. They have many colors. So you check them out.


This instrumental band has unique sound, because they use many folk instruments:
steelpan, mandolin, erhu(Chinese traditional string instrument)etc….Their songs suit festival, so their sound gives us happy feelings.

neco nemuru

Neco nemuru is a mixture band. They mixed rock into Japanese traditional dance music, Bonodori. The characteristic rhythm makes Japanese dance. In music video, the Japanese medieval era is depicted.

Funk Discussion Brothers

Funk Discussion Brothers is alternative-rock band using FUNK style. Its metalic guitar sound is common to almost all Japanese alternative-rock band. This Japanese alternative-funk band has just 1 EP.

Tokyo Shiokoji

Tokyo Shiokoji is a crossover band. Their special feature is minimal sounds. 8 musicians cut back on their notes, so this song is very tight. Music video symbolize their Minimalism. It’s a new techno played live.

U-zhaan × mabanua

It is a special band only one time. Tabra player, U-zhaan played with mabanua who knows Japanese famous trackmaker/ drummer. Indian folk instruments creates techno played live. Two percussion instruments produced complex and danceable beats.


SAKEROCK is a Japanese instrumental band with trombone and marimba. This friendly sound was made by fusion of Rock and Japanese comedy music. Now they broke up, and band leader, Gen Hosino[gt.marimba.] became the singer-songwriter who represents Japan.

Japanese mix everything

Now and then, Japanese will mix all genre and create new sub-genre. It has possibility of music development. Japan may creates surprisingly achievement, so you should be all eyes. Thank you for your reading.